We’re All Lost At Some Point.

Grammar is my downfall… But people make it worth it.

Nothing special. Just Human AF.

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Food for Thought

I’m not sure who needs to hear this but stop only listening/reading/talking to people you agree with. It is a lot easier to feel correct when you only seek the answers you are looking for. A one-dimensional approach is hardly ever the best option no matter how strong that dimension is. The answer usually lies…

Don’t tell it, be it.

Picture this: You find yourself at a park that is engulfed completely in the beauty that is spring. Immediately, the sun rays gently lay on your skin with a warmth your soul can feel. You choose a patch of grass you’d like to settle in although deep down you know the grass chose you. Slowly,…

Blind Visionaries

“The good news is you came a long way, the bad news is you went the wrong way.”  –  J. Cole   When I think about it, the blind leading the blind is really not as dangerous as we are taught. Quite frankly that’s life. We do the best we can with what we have…

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