Heaven Is a Vantage Point

What if Heaven isn’t a final location like in religious text but a visual filter we gain access to? To not only be able to see existence for what is, but to love it. That’s the key. See, those in Heaven and those in Hell both understand infinity. Only one looks at it as infinite bliss and the other as infinite suffering.

Is Heaven static? Can Heaven not change? If love is creation and Heaven is love one would think Heaven, like the awakened soul, is constantly evolving. If Heaven is a vantage point, would it’s peaks not be able to grow higher?

I do not think individuals make it to the vantage point of Heaven. Only wholes of consciousness make it to the “gates”. Or maybe the whole of consciousness is the gates one is granted access to. The ultimate form of connected love. Many are taught that you will see your loved ones again in the Christian Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe the biblical text isn’t too far off. What if instead of seeing loved ones, you are eternally connected to the love that is your loved ones. You are the love. You are together. How beautiful would that be? 

Though if Heaven is a vantage point, so is Hell. If Heaven’s peaks can grow, the depth of Hell’s hole can deepen. Hell looks not for the whole, but the heavy individual. Heavy in thought, heavy in bodily pleasure, heavy in “me” and not “we”. And although the classic text will lead you to believe only “evil” people go to hell, this is just not true. For the mind takes prisoners of all kinds, innocent or guilty.

So does this mean the goal is to work towards a vision? How does one seek vision without first having been able to see? We are all given tools to see. Existence being the frames and your outlook being the lenses. What are your lenses made out of? Positivity? Love? Jealousy? Lust? You will discover that what you search for, you will find. Where you focus on, you will land. Heaven and Hell are among us at all times. Do the work to reach the right vantage point. For the one you land on will forever be the guidance of the soul.

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