Don’t tell it, be it.

Picture this: You find yourself at a park that is engulfed completely in the beauty that is spring. Immediately, the sun rays gently lay on your skin with a warmth your soul can feel. You choose a patch of grass you’d like to settle in although deep down you know the grass chose you. Slowly,Continue reading “Don’t tell it, be it.”

The “This AND That”

We are confusing as hell.  That statement probably did not surprise you. I don’t think I need to tell you that figuring out this whole life thing can feel difficult. To be human is complex. Even our best minds and most influential stories have fallen short in completely embracing what it is to be human. Continue reading “The “This AND That””

Heaven Is a Vantage Point

What if Heaven isn’t a final location like in religious text but a visual filter we gain access to? To not only be able to see existence for what is, but to love it. That’s the key. See, those in Heaven and those in Hell both understand infinity. Only one looks at it as infiniteContinue reading “Heaven Is a Vantage Point”